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Vex Robotics Competition

This winter triangle was able to volunteer at the VeX robotics convention. The VeX robotics Convention is a competition in which robotics teams K-12 gather from across the state of Michigan to compete for the opportunity to attend the national VeX convention in California. The competition took place on sunday February 24th in the Jenison Field house. Brothers who volunteered were responsible for keeping the rigorous schedule of the competition. If the brothers fell behind so did the teams competing, therefore they were directly accountable for the overall speed of the competition. Luis Donado, the man responsible for organizing the competitions volunteers referred to us as the “pit Bosses”. This name is relatively accurate in disrobing our job title because we were responsible navigating the floor where nearly 40 robotics teams had set up camp, and telling them at what time they competed. We would take the teams who were “on deck” ask them to move their robot to a pre-competition table where they would prepare for their match. We were able to keep the competition time to a minimum of nine hours by doing our job very well. nine hours may sound like a large portion of time but relative to competitions in the past we were well below average. Mr. Donado was very thankful for the help triangle brothers provided. he also mentioned that without the help of our six brothers who volunteered the VeX competition would not have been possible. he has invited us to attend next year’s competition to volunteer once again. Thank you to our brothers who volunteered their time to benefit our MsU community, and engineering community as a whole.

Written by: Br. Caleb Whetstone Fs’12


2013 State of the Chapter

It is with great pleasure that I give the inaugural “state of the Chapter” address. For those of you who we haven’t been in contact with, I apologize for this taking so long. as I’m sure that you all will realize through this letter, we aren’t on the verge of shutting down anymore. on the contrary, we will have 52 active brothers as of april 1st, 2013 with only four brothers graduating! We have garnered a large presence in the Greek Community, as well as the east Lansing Community itself. nationals has even asked some of our brothers to be facilitators for national programming. all in all it has been a time of great growth for triangle. In the 2009-2010 academic year we started an annual fundraiser in the name of habitat for humanity. In the 2010-2011 academic year we won Delta Gamma’s anchor splash and anchorman competitions, placed second in pi Beta phi’s broomball competition, and placed third in Greek Week. In the 2011-2012 academic year we placed second in anchor splash and won the Interfraternity Council’s new Member programming award. For the 2012-2013 academic year we were able to once again place first in anchor splash as well as a strong 6th place in anchor slam! We are very enthusiastic about the momentum and morale these successes have lent to the atmosphere of the chapter! This recognition can be attributed to our fast growth and increased involvement, but with this growth comes problems. We are outgrowing our house and the current house is in need of numerous repairs. We recently created a new housing Corporation, but the Corporation must pay off the money they owe in taxes before they can afford to work on the house. In the past, Brother Don hatfield was doing the job of the entire housing Corporation Board of Directors, an nigh impossible feat. Brothers eric hicks, sean Barton, William “BG” tenbrink, and parker hotchkiss along with myself as active president currently make up the housing corporation and we are slowly moving toward the black. It’s amazing to me that with all of the difficulties we are facing, the active Chapter is continuing to flourish and grow; but I’m sure as you all have seen as actives, we’re certainly a wiry bunch! I hope you’ve all been doing as well as we have in the past few years, and we would love to have anyone that that is able to make it to east Lansing stop by. Throughout this newsletter you’ll see articles and people to contact with questions but I cannot stress this enough, If you have contact info for brothers that you were active with, send it to us. We would love to meet all of you and hear your stories.

Written by: Br. Kevin Waldmann Fs’10


Leadership Advantage

As the John Wakerly Leadership Advantage attendee I was able to take a lot of information back to our own Leadership Advantage program at Michigan State University. The program was fully funded by another alumni of Triangle by the name of John Wakerly. John attended Marquette University and was initiated into Triangle in 1969. The LA program was a great experience not only for a person like myself who’s chapter already has a running LA program, but for other chapters who would like to start a LA. The best part I felt about the program was by the time you left the Leadership in Training Weekend you already had an agenda for a working LA. You just had to put it into work and then make it happen. As the serving Treasurer for LA it was great and very useful to be able to see other chapter’s budgets and also how they get money to fund their programs. Everyday and throughout the entire day we also worked on leadership activities and how to facilitate such activities. From this I was able to not only learn how to facilitate such activities properly, but was able to learn and bring back new activities for our own program. I was recently contacted by another brother who had gone through the LTW Leadership Advantage program with me from Penn State University. This brother has asked for help from our chapter at Michgan State to go over there and help run theirs. This just shows that we really do have one of the most respected Leadership Advantage programs in the nation. LTW was a once in a lifetime experience and I would never pass up on such an opportunity ever in my life. To be able to meet people from other Triangle’s all across America was simply tremendous and could not have been a better experience.

Written by: Br. Benjamin Thoune Fs’11