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Michigan State University Chapter


Rush Week Fall 2015

All rush events take place at 242 N. Harrison from 7-10pm

  • Tuesday September 8th: Cookout

  • Wednesday September 9th: Poker and board games

  • Thursday September 10th: Guest Speaker


2015 State of the Chapter

The Michigan State Chapter of Triangle Fraternity currently contains 61 Active members with a foreseeable 9 New Members being added after this semester's initiation. The Chapter has grown in all aspects of academic and social achievement and will continue down this path for semesters to come. We have attempted to further relationships with alumni by creating outings for them to meet the current members, and connect with the active chapter. The Chapter has also improved activity in philanthropy participation. As a Chapter, we have been attending a large number of philanthropy events put on by other Greek and non-Greek organizations. We have also managed to plan our own Greek philanthropy event; Greeks got talent, which will take place this month. The Chapter has been working very hard to improve its involvement in aspects of both internal and external activities, staying true to the ethics and beliefs that we all share as Triangle Brothers. In the semesters to come the Chapter will continue its growth in philanthropy, community outreach, alumni relations, and of course, academics. However, the development of the chapter will not end there. Active members have set goals to improve the fraternity in a variety of ways that will help brothers advance their professional careers and equip them with skills that are applicable outside of the fraternity. With our current momentum as a Chapter there is no reason that we will not accomplish the goals that we have set for ourselves this semester, or for any semesters to come. The Michigan State Chapter of Triangle has been flourishing with the men who are currently a part of this wonderful Fraternity.


Leadership Advantage

As the John Wakerly Leadership Advantage attendee I was able to take a lot of information back to our own Leadership Advantage program at Michigan State University. The program was fully funded by another alumni of Triangle by the name of John Wakerly. John attended Marquette University and was initiated into Triangle in 1969. The LA program was a great experience not only for a person like myself who?s chapter already has a running LA program, but for other chapters who would like to start a LA. The best part I felt about the program was by the time you left the Leadership in Training Weekend you already had an agenda for a working LA. You just had to put it into work and then make it happen. As the serving Treasurer for LA it was great and very useful to be able to see other chapter?s budgets and also how they get money to fund their programs. Everyday and throughout the entire day we also worked on leadership activities and how to facilitate such activities. From this I was able to not only learn how to facilitate such activities properly, but was able to learn and bring back new activities for our own program. I was recently contacted by another brother who had gone through the LTW Leadership Advantage program with me from Penn State University. This brother has asked for help from our chapter at Michgan State to go over there and help run theirs. This just shows that we really do have one of the most respected Leadership Advantage programs in the nation. LTW was a once in a lifetime experience and I would never pass up on such an opportunity ever in my life. To be able to meet people from other Triangle?s all across America was simply tremendous and could not have been a better experience.

Written by: Br. Benjamin Thoune Fs11